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Gaston Morixe / Software Engineer

Gaston Morixe is a distinguished engineer at the intersection of Software and User Experience (UX). His expertise ranges from UI Engineering to leading and architecting products end-to-end. Gaston is currently a Senior Software Engineer at ClientCircle by Rocket Referrals, and was formerly a founding Software Engineer at Empire Flippers. He has also served as a Senior Software Engineer at Groove and CTO at Beyond his professional endeavors, Gaston is committed to democratizing UI and AI knowledge through teaching, blogging, and public speaking, making the field more accessible to a broader audience. His belief in AI’s transformative power, augmented by revolutionary and simplified User Interfaces, drives his continuous work and exploration in this rapidly advancing field.


Career Overview

Gaston Morixe is a Senior Software and UI Engineer with more than 12 years of experience based in New York, USA, originally from Spain. With a prolific career that bridges both industry and academic advancements, he specializes in the intersection of UI Engineering and Software Architecture. Gaston has made significant contributions that have notably enhanced how humans interact with technology. His profound understanding and innovative approach have positioned him as a leader in the tech industry.

Currently, Gaston serves as a Senior Software Engineer at ClientCircle by Rocket Referrals. Since April 2021, he has been pivotal in the architectural design and implementation of realtime services tailored specifically for the insurance industry. Leveraging a diverse tech stack that includes Ruby on Rails, React & React Native, GraphQL, Docker, and TypeScript, his contributions have streamlined processes and improved user interaction within the platform.

Before joining ClientCircle, Gaston enriched his expertise at Empire Flippers. As the first engineering hire, he led the architectural transformation of Empire Flippers's marketplace, implementing robust systems using React, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, and AWS. His efforts included setting up CDNs, CI/CD pipelines, and implementing AI for business valuation and fraud detection.

At Groove, a customer support software company, Gaston served as a Senior Full-Stack & UI Engineer. Starting in 2017, he skillfully led the migration from a legacy REST API to a modern GraphQL interface. His meticulous refactoring of the Ruby on Rails backend implemented best practices and enhanced system efficiency. Gaston was instrumental in the development of Groove's "Inbox 2.0" email client, improving the user experience and performance of Groove's CRM platform.

Gaston begun his professional journey as the CTO at, a next-generation advertising RTB platform, where he led the technology strategy and managed the high-performance Ad Engine architecture using Ruby on Rails, Redis, and Docker, et. al. His leadership ensured scalability, processing over one million requests per day, and handling concurrency peaks efficiently.

A prolific creator and contributor, Gaston is the author of the rails-fields ruby gem and the most popular React Native Twilio Video WebRTC library. His open-source contributions extend to noteworthy projects like Apollo GraphQL and the GraphQL ruby gem.

With more than 10 years of experience in Ruby on Rails and a strong command over various programming languages such as Ruby, Python, TypeScript, Swift, Obj-C, C/C++, Gaston’s proficiency is extensive. He is adept with frameworks and tools such as React, React Native, SolidJS, and NestJS. His comprehensive technical skill set ensures that his projects are not only innovative but also robust and scalable.

His academic foundation underpins his practical implementation in professional settings. He has a keen interest in advancing the fields of Computer Graphics, Physics Engines, AI, and ML, drawing inspiration from thought leaders like Andrej Karpathy and 3blue1brown.

Gaston is not only a highly skilled engineer but also a profoundly impactful team member and leader. Those who have worked with Gaston describe him as a "creative problem solver and effective communicator, making even the most complex projects manageable and successful". His ability to lead and manage projects with efficiency and professionalism consistently stands out.

Peers commend Gaston for his innovative approach and leadership in integrating the latest technologies into various projects as well as his passion for creating thoughtfully designed and well-built products. Known for his relentless pursuit of excellence, he has a great ability to think out of the box and lead projects while facilitating learning and understanding among team members. His meticulous attention to detail in product design and engineering make him an indispensable asset to development teams.

Gaston’s foresight in identifying potential issues and addressing them proactively ensures the long-term success of the technological solutions he architects. His boundless energy and motivation are not only contagious but also inspiring, significantly improving the applications and overall team culture he engages with.

Beyond his professional achievements, his dedication to continuous learning and community engagement underscores his belief in the transformative power of AI, augmented by revolutionary and simplified User Interfaces. This drive shapes his ongoing work and exploration in this rapidly advancing field.

Gaston Morixe’s integration of AI, innovative UI/UX design, and dedication to community learning distinguishes him as a leader in the tech industry. His work continues to shape the future of how technology interfaces with the human experience.